Click to enlargeLinkskey LDV-DM722AUSK Dual Monitor DVI/DVI Dual Link KVM Switch w/Cables

Linkskey LDV-DM722AUSK Dual Monitor DVI/DVI Dual Link KVM Switch w/Cables.
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Product Description:
The Linkskey LDV-DM722AUSK Dual Monitor DVI/DVI Dual Link KVM Switch is TMDS-compliant and specifically for sharing two large-sized DVI monitors/Flat Panel Displays between two multimedia computers with Dual Head (DVI+DVI) display. With Linkskey LDV-DM722AUSK, you can fully control two Dual Head PCs using only one keyboard, mouse and Dual DVI Dual Link monitors/Flat Panel Displays.

7.1 channels surround sound support to enliven your DVD playbacks or gaming sessions
The Linkskey LDV-DM722AUSK also supports state-of-the-art 7.1 channel surround sound to give a theater digital audio experience that greatly enlivens your DVD playbacks or gaming sessions. Now you donít have to compromise the audio experience you deserve with your 7.1 surround sound cards, and can sit back and enjoy them to the full with your live output from this KVM switch. The simultaneous/independent audio/Hub ports/PC switching also allows you maximum flexibility in your KVM switching usage.

2 x USB 2.0 hub ports plus 1 x special USB Device port w/ full driver support for any advanced USB 2.0 device

The Linkskey LDV-DM722AUSK offers 2 extra USB 2.0 hub port for sharing with your high-speed USB 2.0 devices among the two connected computers. However, to offer full driver support to some advanced USB 2.0 gadgets that need their own drivers to gear up full function, the LDV-DM722AUSK also provides a Device port that features no emulation on it for the direct signal pass-through required for these delicate devices. Thus, this extra USB Device port is dedicated for fancy gadgets such as to connect the transceiver of your wireless/Bluetooth keyboard/mouse set. It gives full support to these advanced keyboard/mouse set in that you can retain all the advanced functional features of your keyboard/mouse while using your KVM switch.

Dual-Monitor Dual Link solution for Two Dual Monitor-enabled PCs

Dual Monitor-enabled computers are gaining more and more popularity in the finance, banking, engineering, graphics and gaming sectors, the LDV-DM722AUSK KVM Switch can be your best solution for the easy management of two Dual Monitor-enabled PCs.

DVI interface technology to ensure digitally crisp and clean imaging

The DVI interface technology is tailored to modern digital Flat Panel Display. It implements genuinely digital signal transmission over the cable to reduce undesired distortion from conventional analog/digital conversion. It is TMDS-compliant to support DDC2B emulation and HDCP for digital contents protection.

Robust and reliable with metal enclosure
The Linkskey LDV-DM722AUSK KVM Switch is robust and durable in metal enclosure, suitable for use in environments pervasive with electromagnetic interference and wherever a sturdy protective metal case is needed.

Package Contents
1 x LDV-DM722AUSK Dual Monitor Dual Link KVM Switch
1 x Utility CD-Rom (with Switching Software)
1 x Quick Installation Guide
1 x Power Adapter
4 x DVI-D Cable
2 x USB Cable
2 x 3.5mm Audio Cable

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