Click to enlargeWPS-PRO Digital Logger LPC9 Web Power Switch Pro v9

WPS-PRO Digital Logger LPC9 Web Power Switch Pro v9.
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Product Description:
Digital Loggers, Low Cost Web Power Switch, LPC9, WPS-PRO:

Instantly reboot, start or stop equipment in remote locations. Reboot servers or routers securely from your web browser. Save power. Simplify wiring. Automate your home or business

Control power over the web from anywhere. Securely access one or hundreds of Web Power Switches from a seamless interface. Create user accounts for mobile devices. Control user access to selected circuits. Eight simultaneous users are supported.

Eliminate overloads, brown-outs, blown breakers and other power problems before they occur. Start devices in sequence automatically to avoid inrush current problems. Use the internal clock to schedule events and minimize power consumption.

Command your switch through a friendly web inter- face, via a BASIC program language, from a command line, or from your own application. User-defined hyper- links let you customize the web pages. A free utility sends programmable email alerts.

Use the “Auto-Ping” feature to automatically monitor critical network devices, such as telecom equipment, servers and routers. If a device goes down, the power controller will automatically reboot it with no user intervention. “Locked-up” devices are brought back to life instantly. Service calls are eliminated.

Additional Features: DC Input voltage rating increased to 48VDC
Added audio alarm-beeper
Added 2x16 LCD display to display status and help with setup
Added internal real-time-clock with NTP and local time synch
Numerous firmware upgrades including; scheduling feature, increased AutoPing speed limit and more scripting commands
Increased relay contact rating and durability
Added keypad for local control
Updated rating, testing and specifications for higher DC input voltages
Eliminated internal RJ-45 bulkhead for more reliable connection to unshielded RJ-45 plastic plugs. Connection status displayed on LCD Case color has changed, manual and box updated, power consumption has increased slightly
Simple, reliable, plug-and-play operation. Sets up in minutes. Robust.
Easy to use.
Fully supports NTP, syslog, mobile devices.
Internal clock for programmed scheduling. Keypad for local outlet control, Ethernet for reliable remote control.
Enable the “Auto-Ping” feature to intelligently reboot a locked-up AP, router, VoIP phone, server, camera. or other device automatically, even during WAN outages.
Fully programmable using simple BASIC scripts.
Eight individual circuits are switched with up to 15A of power. Two un-switched outlets are also provided.
10/100 auto sensing plug-and-play Ethernet connection with static IP allows reliable connection anywhere on your LAN, WAN, or over the Internet.
Multiple power-up recovery modes add safety and flexibility: timed, sequential on, all-o# , last state, etc.
Lowest power draw of any competitive product 4 watts!
Full 15A rating via convenient removable 14AWG power cord, C19/C20 standard.
Rest assured with field proven reliability. DLI controllers are used worldwide in machine tools,data centers, industrial, and telecom applications - over one million

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